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OFNC May 2024 Newsletter Recap - New Member Announcement

Greetings from Open Finance Network Canada (OFNC)! We're excited to bring you the latest updates and insights from our vibrant community. Below is a roundup of what’s been happening this month or visit the entire newsletter here:

1. Industry Discussion on "Consumer Driven Banking: Ready, Set, Go?"

In May, OFNC hosted a thought-provoking industry discussion on "Consumer Driven Banking," sponsored by Matera International, one of our esteemed members. The event explored pivotal themes around the evolution of consumer-centric banking strategies, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing dialogue within the financial ecosystem.

2. Advocacy Efforts: Letter to Finance Canada

We're committed to driving positive change in Canada's financial landscape. Recently, OFNC penned a letter addressed to the Hon. Chrystia Freeland and members of Finance Canada, advocating for policies that promote innovation and consumer empowerment in finance. This initiative underscores our dedication to shaping a progressive regulatory environment.

3. Welcoming New Members: Ozone API

OFNC continues to expand its network! We're thrilled to welcome Ozone API as our newest member. Ozone API's expertise in API solutions will further enrich our community, fostering collaboration and innovation across the open finance sector.

4. Engaging Events: Open Banking Expo and Payments Canada SUMMIT

Save the dates! OFNC will be actively participating in key industry events this year:

  • Join us at the Open Banking Expo, where our panel will delve into "Open Data, consumer-permissioned data, and rights: The pathway to Open Finance." Don't miss out on this insightful discussion shaping the future of financial data accessibility.

  • At the Payments Canada SUMMIT, OFNC will contribute to the conversation with our panel session on "Open Banking to Open Finance: Empowering The Financial Future of Canadians." Discover how open finance initiatives are driving innovation and inclusivity in Canada's payment landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates and engaging discussions as we continue to champion open finance principles for the benefit of all Canadians.

For further information and to stay connected with OFNC's latest updates, visit our newsletter on LInkedIn and be sure to follow us.


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